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I will never forget the day i met Kevin and Aggie. It was that day when i realized people who are caring, with good intentions and pure ethics really exist in the business market. OurTeamWorks is an innovation where everyone can develop financial opportunities being member in a company that feels like family. A company that takes care for the evolution of the your personality, self awareness and financial success. The products are a pleasant surprise and very  revolutionary and that is absolutely expected if you get to know the inventor. I started to sleep feeling safe in my home, from the day i bought the guardian 

In a very sort time we are going to introduce OurTeamWorks in Greece. And thats really great news.

Nikos Chatzibalassis (Bio-photonic instructor Holistic health coach) From Greece

I had been told about the Guardian and was very sceptical now I have bought one for my parents as well as my own I have peace of mind my parents are safe and peace of mind for myself I worked long hours and away from home it's nice to know my home is safe thank you so much .

Christine Taylor Petersfield

I had the conventional security system at my home. But most of the time can’t switch on because of the dogs at home. I am amazed that Guardian security system can be on even when we at home walking around. Security for 24 hours anywhere and any time.

Eileen Qin Form South London

When I first saw the Guardian demonstrated in my own home I couldn't believe that it was virtually instant I tested the doors and windows myself evil upstairs the kids were running around I knew at that point we had security and already made up my mind to buy the product I would recommend it to anyone it is giving us so much satisfaction.

James T South Kensington

I was introduced to the Guardian security system as an alternative to a conventional alarm system more than a year ago and I have to say that I feel safer with it installed.  When the shortcomings of the conventional security alarm system were explained to me, it was a no brainer.

John C From Totteridge, N London

It was in my fortune to have met Kevin through a very good friend of mine Aggie in the new year 2018.

Kevin's vision and the price paid had become Our Team Works ( OTW ) Company.

The products and marketing plan clearly demonstrate the Genius and uniqueness of OTW. Simple yet effective.

The products one of its kind giving peace of mind for my family particularly for my mother ( 82 years old) who is particularly blind and deaf. OTW security products gives her the protection and confidence 24/7 as it works even when people are at home.

Helping the homeless reassures me of my future and stability created to put my self to contribute to this massive issues even on the 5th. Largest economy in the world.

The education and training with the financial benefits allows me to bring transformation within and among friends.

Nimalan Seevaratnam North-West London